ECE MS Thesis Students and their work

ECE MS Thesis Students

  • Francisco Castellanos MS Thesis
  • Pawel Krepsztul MS Thesis
  • Nishanth Vincent MS Thesis
  • Ian Reddy MS Thesis
  • Bob Distinti MS Thesis
  • Gino Lopes' MS Thesis
  • Andrew Ruggeri MS Thesis
  • Andrew Ruggeri Video
  • Kim Sasso' MS Thesis
  • Justin Toth MS Thesis

    MS Thesis Proposals

  • Daron Bucknor, Pantomation 5
  • Andrew Gust Thesis Proposal(word)
  • David Kingsbury Thesis Proposal(word)
  • Ian Reddy's Thesis Proposal(word)
  • James Samual's presentation (ppt)
  • James Samual's Thesis Proposal (word)
  • Nishanth Vincent's Thesis Proposal(word)

    How do I write a thesis?

  • Take the reading course and get an A- or better.
  • Select a thesis advisor who is willing to work with you
  • Create a research plan
  • Write Weekly Progress Reports
  • Outline how you will do Validation
  • Outline Presentation outline.ppt
  • Follow the directions for a technical paper
  • Read the additional notes about the above technical paper instructions
  • Write a historical review
  • Keep a Laboratory Notebook
  • Visual comparisons are important. Check out this sample paper
  • Intro Lecture Lecture1.ppt

    What are some project ideas?

    Here are some ideas
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