Package math.numerics

Interface Summary
Function Title: Function Description: A function of one variable.
InvertibleFunction Title: InvertibleFunction Description: An invertible function of one variable.
MultiVarFunction Title: Function Description: A function of multiple variables.
ODE ODE defines a system of differential equations by providing access to the rate equations.
ODEAdaptiveSolver ODEAdaptiveSolver extends the ODE solver to add adaptive step size capabilities.
ODEEventSolver ODEEventSolver is an interface for a Solver for ODE which accepts and deals with StateEvents
ODESolver ODE defines a minimal differential equation solver.
StateEvent StateEvent defines an event consisting in that a given numeric value changes sign from positive (or zero) to strict negative.

Class Summary
Derivative Class Integral defines various derivative algorithms.
Euler Euler implements an Euler method ODE solver.
EulerRichardson Title: EulerRichardson Description: An Euler-Richardson method ODE solver.
Integral Class Integral defines various integration algorithms.
Interpolation Class Interpolation defines simple interpolation algorithms.
LegendreInterpolator LegendreInterpolator uses a polynomial interpolation formula to evaluate values between data points.
LUPDecomposition Lower Upper Permutation (LUP) decomposition See Object Oriented Implementation of Numerical Methods by Didier H.
MathExpParser MathExpParser defines an abstract super class for mathematical expression parsers.
ODEBisectionEventSolver ODEBisectionEventSolver is an ODEEventSolver that uses the bisection method for root finding.
ODEMultistepSolver ODEMultistepSolver performs multiple ODE steps so that a uniform step size is maintained.
ParsedFunction ParsedFunction defines a function of a single varianble using a String.
ParsedMultiVarFunction ParsedMultiVarFunction defines a function of multiple variables using a String.
RK4 Title: RK4 Description: A fourth order Runge-Kutta ODE solver.
RK45 Title: RK45 Description: RK4/5 ODE solver with variable step size.
RK45MultiStep Title: RK45MultiStep Description: Perform multiple RK4/5 ODE steps so that a uniform step size is maintained
Root Class Root defines various root finding algorithms.
SuryonoParser The class Parser is a mathematical expression parser.
Util A utility class for numerical analysis.
VelocityVerlet VelocityVerlet: A velocity Verlet method ODE solver.
Verlet Verlet method ODE solver.

Exception Summary
NumericMethodException Indicates that an error occured in a numeric method.
ParserException Indicates that an error occured in parser operation, and the operation could not be completed.