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Vimeo Backup Service
For $10 per year, you get unlimited downloads (for backup or transfer) of all your videos from Vimeo. A great way to back up your original, high-quality videos. Always get the latest software using webstart as your deployment facilty.

Webstart signing services

For $45 per year, we host up to 6 applications signed by a trusted certificate. Your code must be submitted for inspection. We handle certificate renewals and resigning every year. Code is hosted on

Subscribe to addressbook updates. The addressbook program is $10 per year. This supports maintenance, improved features and support requests.

Here is an excel macro that maps ticker symbols into company names. Only $10. Not available in stores! Excellent for people who are trying to do data mining in finance. here is some table output sample:
aaplApple Inc.
googGoogle Inc. Inc.
luluLululemon Athletica Inc.
cmgChipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.
DECStanley Black & Decker, Inc.
MICMacquarie Infrastructure Company LLC

Works on a mac with excel 2011 and most modern version of windows. Does not need activex

Here is my new book, Digital Signal Processing in Java on amazon
Arduino Digital Signal Processing Shield Assembled and Tested. As featured on kickstarter. Free shipping to USA. International shipping charges are extra, as shown below.
for an image of the board click on fig1 fig2 or fig3.
Get a raw board and populate it yourself! Free shipping to USA. Only $10!!

Now available on Amazon!
The output is a line-level audio output and drives the amp (you can even hear it in the demo video) see: