Technical Reports


Doug Lyon, Ph.D.

Some of these reports were never published, or were internal documents.

  1. [Lyon 78A] "Melodies for the Music Box" by Douglas A. Lyon, 6502 User Notes, No. 13, 1978, pp. 25
  2. [Lyon 78B] "AI Cybernetic Voice Synthesizer Project II" by Russell Barnes and Douglas A. Lyon, NSF-SSTP Summer Simulation Project Report , North Carolina State University, 1978.The manual is here
  3. [Lyon 85A] "Natural Language Processing with Prolog" by Douglas A. Lyon, Independent Study Report, For Prof. Randolf Franklin, RPI, Troy, NY 1985

  4. [Lyon 85B] "Raster-To-Vector Conversion with A Vector Ordering Post-process", by Douglas Lyon, Image Processing Laboratory User Bulletin U-170, June 25, 1985, Computer and Systems Engineering Department, RPI, Troy, NY, 12181. (report version linked is the only surviving document I could find).
  5. [Lyon 86A] "Reference Manual for the MRE Graphics Interface" by Mark L. James and Douglas A. Lyon, For Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA, 1986. A Multiple Reasoning Interface that did both backward and foward chaining with a mailbox system for knowledge sharing.

  6. [Lyon 86B] "Modifications to Xlogout", Image Processing Laboratory Technical Memo IPL-TM-022-B, RPI, Troy, NY 12181, 8/8/86.
  7. [Lyon 86C] "The Photointerpretation Workstation", Image Processing Laboratory Technical Memo, RPI, Troy, NY 12181, 1986. Presented Northeast AI Consortium Annual report, 1988, Time-Oriented Problems Solving, Syracuse University.
  8. [Lyon 86B] "A Computer Vision Introduction to the Image Processing Laboratory", For Computer Vision 35.6650, 9/9/86, RPI, Troy, NY 12181
  9. [Lyon 87A] "Guide to Engineering at WRPI" by Douglas A. Lyon.
  10. [Lyon 87B] "Plotting on the Tektronix Storage Tube", C-101, Communications and Signal Processing Laboratory, 7/13/87, RPI, Troy, NY 12181
  11. [Lyon 87C] "Natural Language Processing with Prolog", U-176A, Image Processing Laboratory, 7/20/87, RPI, Troy, NY 12181
  12. [Lyon 87D] "BSD 2.9 Errors in the Floating Point Fortran Library", U-102, Communications and Signal Processing Laboratory, 7/27/87, RPI, Troy, NY 12181
  13. [Lyon 87E] "DBS2NUM", U-176B, Image Processing Laboratory, 8/3/87, RPI, Troy, NY 12181
  14. [Lyon 87F] "The Straw User's Manual", D-137, Image Processing Laboratory, 8/17/87, RPI, Troy, NY 12181
  15. [Lyon 87G] "Raster-To-Vector Conversion with A Vector Ordering Post-Process U-175, Image Processing Laboratory, RPI, Troy, NY 12181, 5/22/87.
  16. [Lyon 88] "Introduction to the TI Explorer", IPL-TR-087, Image Processing Laboratory, 10/26/88, RPI, Troy, NY 12181
  17. [Lyon 2003] "Custom Layouts", by Douglas Lyon, 6/14/2003, in
  18. [Lyon 2018] "Jogl and Java3d", by Douglas Lyon, 2/14/2018, in Java Developer Journal