SW409 Homework

SW409 Homework

The "," is used to symbolize a pause of 1 second. Synthesize your tones using an oscillator. How will you parse the string? String.toCharArray may help you.

Pulsing Rate:
Minimum duration of two-frequency tone signal: 50 ms normally; 90 ms if transmitted by radio. Minimum inter-digital time: 45 ms.
Use the 90 ms duration for your program. Keep the 45 ms inter-digit time.

be sure to include digits "0123456789*#ABCD". Your program should not be case sensitive.

How can we make native methods portable? Can we load the correct libraries on demand? How do we know where to get them, or how to install them? How can we detect their proper installation?

What is java web start? Can this help to load correct native libraries? Can you try it?