Some granting links

  1. The Mac Lab Funded by an NSF ILI Grant Mac Lab (Prof. Lyon, PI)
  2. A Guide to Proposal Planning and Writing
    Written by Lynn E. Miner, Director, Research and Sponsored Programs, Marquette University, full-text publication offered by the University of Vermont Office of Sponsored Programs.


  3. A Practical Guide for Writing Proposals
    Online text publication by Alice Reid, instructor of english and educational technology.


  4. Fastlane
    Interactive real-time system used to conduct NSF business over the Internet. Applied advanced information technology to support proposal processing activities. Includes proposal preparation information. For official NSF use, user restrictions applied.


  5. How to Improve Your Score When Submitting a Grant Proposal
    Online text publication by Dr. David R. Hemenway, Professor, of Civil and Environmental Engineering.


  6. How to Write a Research Grant Application
    Online text publication of the National Institutes of Health.


  7. business training school
  8. SBIR Proposal Writing Advisory
    Links to Small Business Innovative Research help, contacts and proposal preparation guidelines.


  9. Successful Proposal Writing
    Online text publication with hints from NIH and NSF adapted from materials provided by Office of Foundation and Government Grants at University of Richmond.
  10. writing a business grant