To do a course code build on the mac

Š        1st, download jdk1.8


install the correct jdk for your machine. Then download the Community Edition of Intellij for the correct machine from:

now download the code from blackboard:

this is a jar file. You may unjar it with the command:

jar –xvf all.jar

or you may use 7zip or winzip.

When you are done, you will have a j4p folder with the src and the jars;


mini{lyon}108: ls

jars/    src/


You may now start intellij Click, create a new project:

select a project sdk (jdk1.8):

you may have to browse into your program files\java directory to find the jdk1.8 (for windows). On the mac it is under Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/

Hit next until you get to the new project dialog;

then click finish.

Select the jars at the top-level of the jars  folder;

mouse right, select add as library…

and click ok.

Open the jogl jar folder and select the contents;

mouse right and add it to the library too:

click ok

open the preferences. Select bytecode version 1.8 for the output;

configure your compiler build heap with extra ram;

I used 2700 Mbytes. Hit Apply and OK.

Select HelloWorld and mouse right to build the project.

When it is done, you should see an output:

Congrats! You have done a proper build!!