Dr. Douglas Lyon's old Computer Memories

Back when I was just starting with computers... My very first microcomputer had just 1K bytes of RAM. It couldn't play pong. And it couldn't go to the moon. But it could play a poor game of chess. And music too. I still have it kicking around:

And no windows (or mouse or keyboard). Just LEDs and a little key pad. But it was enough for me.

Before that, my computer was built with paper-clips, light bulbs and a juice can...Alas, not even a picture remains. The computer was inspired by a book. Someone else who did a really good job of it got written up:
emmerack They used a paint can. I think you can get more memory out of a larger can. I used graph paper. I think I had 64 bytes of memory... but I forget.

Still, it was enough for me. And it booted right away. No color either. Back then, the sets in the house were all black and white.

And we walked to school. And it was uphill. In both directions!

Computers I had before this one:
logix 0600

but at least that one was electrical. The one before that was:

I still have this computer (but I can't get it working, cause it is missing too many parts).