So many people help during the process of writing a book, it is impossible to keep track of them all. To all that I have forgotten to list, please don’t hold it against me! First and foremost are the members of the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University of Bridgeport. They have made UB an enjoyable place to work. Without the free time afforded me by the chairman, Steve Grodzinsky;, I could never have finished yet another book project.

Thanks go to Victor Silva, for the first version of the Histogram class; Raul Mihali for his contribution of the FileDialog batch processing class, the test patterns and the Martelli algorithm to Dongyan Wang ;for his contribution of the prime factor FFT and IFFT algorithm; to Naoki Chigai, for his contribution of the HTMLGenerator applet; to Hong Shi for his contribution of the Graph class; to Hak Kywn Roh for his statistical color quantization "Wu" class and to my many other students, who put up with my beta code and manuscript efforts. I hope that this did not hurt my student evaluations too much!

Many researchers freely distribute their code on the Net. Such examples are a source of some of the ideas in this book. My thanks to Geert Uytterhoeven <> for supplying his excellent WALI (Wavlet LIfting) package for my perusal. Thanks too, go to Wayne Rasband for his contribution of the MedianCut class. Also for putting his Image/J program, with source code, into the public domain (available at <>). Thanks go to Peter Walser for his contribution of the idx3d class. Also for putting his 3D program, with source code, on the Web (available at <>). Thanks to Allan Greenier for helping out with the formatting of Java for the CD-ROM .

The excellent work of the library staff at the University of Bridgeport’s Magnus Wahlstrom Library, particularly Shelly Roseman ;and Krystyna Kossarska;, kept those books and journal articles flowing. Their tireless fulfillment of my inter-library loan requests played a central part in getting this book out the door!!

The proofreaders of the early drafts, particularly Mary Ellen Buschman, and Fran Grodzinsky, really helped me straighten out my writing.

Rob Gordon’s comments were instrumental in my moving the book to the new AWT.

Sandy Hackenson, at Prentice Hall, first presented this book to the publisher. It was her encouragement that led me to approach the acquisitions editor, Bernard Goodwin. Bernard’s guidance and encouraging words were instrumental in getting this book project out the door, ahead of schedule.

This work was made possible, in part, by a grant from the National Science Foundation DUE-9451520, the Larsen Foundation and by a grant from the Education Foundation of America.

This work was also made possible by support from the DeWitt Tool Brothers Company.